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Be Careful What You Wish For

There is a saying: ‘The mind touches what it thinks of’. Visualisation is powerful. what we hold in our mind as images we draw towards ourselves.  Few people are expert in doing this consciously.  Fewer still realise that they are actually visualising, one way or another, most of the time.

With the right approach you can draw much into your life that is positive and sustaining.  But the opposite is also true! So be careful what you wish for!

The fact is you are visualising all the time.  You may not be aware of it but you are always conjuring up images in your mind.  When you are speaking on the telephone to someone you are most of ten times trying to see in your mind what they are telling you.  You also visualise when you are deep in thought.  When you are worrying about paying your debt or worrying about the way you would really like to live your life you are also visualising what you want.

The hard part however is to use that creative force to actually attract the things you want.  This is where many people can go in the wrong direction.  They use this power to attract what they actually don’t want.

Here is a great test to help you understand the most effective way visualise.  Think of the last time you were deep in thought.  Now try to remember what that felt like.  If you can recall that time, you will notice that you were deep inside of yourself.  You were unaware of anyone or anything and as you were allowing yourself to visualise you could feel clearly that you were having the experience as if it were real.  That is the power of visualisation.

When people ask all the time “How do I visualise the things I want?”–  I tell them the same way you visualise the things that you don’t want.  You see when you are feeling anxious and fearful you lock yourself away in your inner mind with those images.  You lose sight of other possibilities and if it is something that happened to you, then you recreate it in its full detail with all your emotions all over again.

Try to immerse yourself with full emotions when you are trying to create the things you want.  Many thoughts may come to distract you but if you will redirect your mind to what you do want your mind will be trained to hold that thought.

And watch what you say to yourself. That affirms the reality you are attracting. What you say, in your mind, is what you wish for!


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