Discover your blueprint for leaving teaching and
looking to the future with confidence

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Transfer your current skills and capabilities
into business acumen

Sound guidelines for an informed and appropriate decision

A program with clear stages and support

A trusted partner each step of the way

Life is short! Don’t spend it worrying about your future

Many are considering quitting the classroom

For most teachers work is stressful

Questions like “Can I have an affluent retirement ?” “Can I work when I choose?” “Can I use my skills for work that is both more enjoyable and more rewarding?” deserve a positive answer.

But it can be daunting to consider leaving a safe and worthwhile profession. It is not a choice to be taken lightly. It is helpful to be fully informed and take the right decisions in the right way.

We can help you do that.

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Your future is in your hands

You deserve a life that gives you freedom and joy

Life is exciting when you grasp new ways to fulfil your potential
Here’s what a guide to realising your dreams looks like:

  • Enjoying peace of mind with a tested formula
  • Following a plan consisting of clearly defined steps
  • Applying your skills and abilities to the full
  • Working with trusted partners on the journey
  • Mastering working smarter not harder
  • Benefiting from thoughtful and experienced coaching

Changing career does not have to be complicated
Here’s how your aspirations become realities:

1. Discover yourself

Looking at where you are now and your particular strengths, challenges and opportunities.

2. Research Possibilities

Discovering the niche that best meets your capabilities and unfolding your ideal prosperity formula.

3. Decision Time

Designing the life you dream of and deciding to take the most productive route there.

4. Start Business

Initiating an enterprise system and establishing the key business structures.

5. Build Business

Creating wealth and freedom through growing your enterprises.

Trusting someone with designing your future can feel scary.

Here’s our promise to you:

  • Informed choice. We help you reach an informed choice to stay or leave
  • Solutions. We offer you clear guidance for each key step
  • Feedback. We provide you with expert feedback based on many years of coaching experience
  • Regular support. We support you in making the right decisions
  • Simple, straightforward advice. We provide you with access to well informed and skilful partners
  • Professional help. We are responsive and professional in helping you create your ideal future

We understand the uncertainties when considering leaving a safe and worthwhile profession and taking a step towards the unknown.

At Personal Aspirations, we have many years of collective business experience.
So we know our stuff. We also know that leaving teaching for another career doesn’t have to be complicated.
We have removed the confusion and complexities for you and created a proven plan that makes sure you stay firmly on track to reach your future life goals.
We are here for you, so you don’t have to work out your future on your own

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Your future should be a source of joy, not anxiety.

Let us invite you on a journey.

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