Your Social Style is (probably) an EXPRESSIVE.

Expressives are often gifted communicators. They can charm and motivate. they like to collaborate with others and will soon lose interest if they sense their skills are not appreciated.

Expressive Style:

Strengths: You are energetic and charismatic. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and you have a natural ability to inspire and motivate those around you. You’re seen as a visionary, often brimming with ideas and grand plans. People are drawn to your vibrant and outgoing personality.

Decision Making: Intuition and gut feelings play a significant role in your decision-making process. While you do consider facts, you’re also guided by your emotions and instincts. You’re confident in your choices and are not afraid to take risks if you believe in the potential rewards.

Approaching Tasks: You are creative and often think outside the box. For you, tasks are opportunities to innovate and put a unique spin on things. While you can get caught up in the big picture, your excitement often propels projects forward, and you rely on your team to help with details.

Confrontation in Social Settings: You are open and candid. When faced with confrontations, you’re likely to express your feelings passionately. Actually, your first instinct is to attack. However, you’re also receptive to others’ emotions and feedback. After a heated discussion, you’re quick to move on, not holding onto grudges.

Growth: You need to check out where other people are more, and not assume your instinctive hunch is right. Slow your speed down to allow others to find the right words for their ideas and feelings and give space for them to express these at their own speed.

Your expressive nature makes you a dynamic force in group settings. With your natural flair for communication and ability to rally people behind a vision, you often find yourself in roles that require persuasion, inspiration, and motivation.

The other styles are:

Analytical: These individuals are more task-oriented and less assertive. They value accuracy, and they tend to be systematic and detail-oriented.

Amiable: These people are more people-oriented and less assertive. They value relationships and harmony and tend to be supportive and cooperative.

Driver: They are task-oriented and more assertive. Drivers are decisive, independent, and often focused on results.

By understanding these styles, you can communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with others.

Growth: You need to check with others. You are often speedier than them and they need time to process how they feel and think and be given space for expression.

Your ‘opposite’ is an Analytic. Their reserve can be irritating as you struggle to find out what they actually think about important issues and wish they would be a bit more demonstrative.

You ‘get’ Drivers more easily because their communication style is direct and to the point – they get things done. You appreciate Amiables because of their emotional intelligence and understanding of variations in people’s perspectives.