Your Social Style is (probably) an ANALYTIC.

An Analytic approaches things systematically. Facts, figures and accuracy are important as are points of principle. They want to know exactly how things are going to work out.

Analytic Style:

Strengths: You are meticulous and detail-oriented. Precision and accuracy matter to you. When you approach tasks, you’re thorough, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Your methodical nature ensures that things are well thought out and organized. You value facts and logic above all else, often making you the go-to person when there’s a need for clarity or in-depth analysis.

Decision Making: When it comes to making decisions, you are not one to be rushed. You gather all relevant data and consider every variable before coming to a conclusion. This often leads to very informed and logical decisions. People appreciate this about you because they can trust that you’ve looked at every angle.

Approaching Tasks: You are systematic in your approach. Before diving into a project, you lay out a clear plan, setting out each step in the process. This meticulous preparation ensures that tasks are completed thoroughly and efficiently. The consistency in your work is commendable.

Confrontation in Social Settings: You are not one to be swayed by emotions easily. When faced with confrontation, you prefer to step back and analyze the situation. You’d rather understand the root cause than get caught up in the heat of the moment. This objective stance allows you to handle disputes in a more logical and constructive manner. While others might get emotional, you keep a cool head, focusing on the facts and resolving issues methodically.

Your analytic nature is an asset in many situations, as it brings clarity, organisation, and a rational perspective to the table.

Your challenge is to come to closure on a decision. You can often see that more or better data is necessary before the right decision can be made. Discovering and using your hunches and intuition at speed, are growth points.

The other styles are:

Amiable: They are more people-oriented and less assertive. They value relationships and harmony and tend to be supportive and cooperative.

Driver: They are task-oriented and more assertive. Drivers are decisive, independent, and often focused on results. They make things happen.

Expressive: More people-oriented and assertive. Expressives are enthusiastic, outgoing, and often seek recognition.

By understanding these styles, you can communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with others.

Your ‘opposite’ is an Expressive. You don’t trust their flamboyance which comes across to you as glib. You can see their charm but also that they can replace facts and processes with charisma, which you know won’t work on its own.

You ‘get’ Drivers more easily because they are motivated by facts and have a good grasp of processes. You like it when they “cut the cackle” and do things based on the reality of the situation.

You appreciate Amiables because they don’t assume your reserve is lack of understanding or vision. They understand that you have a job to do and need both the space and time to do it.