This Sub Personality Exercise is powerful

You will find below a link to an audio file, providing you with a guided meditation to experience some of your sub-personalities. These are distinct parts of your self (or indeed, your Self). they have arisen at earlier moments in your life and may present themselves in many forms.

If you are used to doing guided meditations then you will find this form fairly straightforward and simple to follow. If you have not done these types of visualisation before, recognise they can be quite powerful. It is important to do an exercise like this when you are feeling rested and in balance.

Have a notebook, pen and even coloured crayons at hand. It is good to make notes once you complete this meditation. Once your notes are complete, then take a break, go for a walk, have a cup of tea or listen to music. If you have someone you trust and are close enough to, by all means describe to them what you experienced and what the images, thoughts feelings and words mean to you. If not, then it is good to write the exercise up in a journal. However powerful the experience at the time, they tend to fade gradually, like dreams.

The link to the audio is given below. If there is a problem with the link, please leave a comment for us, or contact Personal Aspirations directly.

When you do this exercise, then choose a time and place where you will not be interrupted. Make sure you are comfortable. Have your notebook and other necessaries (pen, crayons) at hand. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, simply open your eyes and change the speed of your breathing. When invited to make notes at the end of the exercise, try to say in the ‘atmosphere’ of the experience. More words, forms and ideas may arise as you write. They are valid too.

See our book, The I of the Storm for a fuller explanation fo what sub-personalities are.


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