The Application below, we add to and update as and when necessary. Please bookmark this page for easy reference in the future.

You need a website. You can get someone to do it for you (we suggest sites where you will find freelancers, below) or you can build it yourself. Here are two companies that are very easy to use:

Storage of data, and sharing some of that storage, is essential. As mentioned earlier, set up your file systems in a logical way from the start, it will really serve you. Two of the best are:

Being organised is essential. We have already mentioned the next piece of software in an earlier chapter. It is amazingly useful (and free):*

Some sites you may not like for personal use but they are essential for an online business presence. For Facebook, you will need a personal account (which you do not have to use much). You will want the business version of these two, for sure:

Producing attractive content requires good images. You want images you can be sure are royalty free and for common use. Two excellent sources are:

Turning those images into posts is easy, if you use the right software. It is helpful to have an image editor on your computer (Pixelmator for the iMac and for Windows). One piece of software is outstanding for producing imagery for many purposes:*

When you produce content videos, on your phone, you will want to edit them. You may want to add text. The following app is really useful, and worth the modest investment:

 You may wish to produce regular podcasts as you build your brand. One excellent piece of software will record your words and ideas. It will then post the resultant podcast online:*

 You will find that you can produce a lot of content relatively easily. One mentor of our showed how to get 50 quality elements to post within about an hour! When you have all of that material, you will want to schedule the posts to Facebook or Instagram:

 As your business grows and you are working with colleagues as part of a team, then you will need team management software. These can handle different projects. Within these projects, you can have separate work flows.

Almost certainly, your business will require a marketing funnel. As explained already, these can also host your website and help you design simple pages using the built-in templates. Of the many available, two stand out, both with huge amounts of tutorial and support material:

You may wish to promote your services or indeed sell your knowledge, through online presentations. Webinars are a very powerful way of building a business. Two webinar hosts are worth consideration:*

As you begin to build a following, through your Facebook advertising campaigns or using marketing funnels, you will need to keep track of those potential customers. To do this you need Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) software. Two of the best are:

Meetings online are vital, if you are working at a distance from colleagues. Also, you may wish to broadcast your ideas and presentations to your followers. One of the best pieces of software for this is:*

Zoom allows you to record a session or presentation, and to screen share. You may wish to produce online tutorials. Then the software choice is between the following:

 You will find there are many small jobs that are important for getting your business up and running. Design work, writing, research or marketing can all be assisted with freelancers. Two excellent sites to consider are:

Very soon, in establishing a new business, you will need a way to collect money. There are many options. Here are two of the best*

 To keep track of your finances you may wish to consider:

Worthy of mention are:* to manage passwords, to keep yourself informed, to understand data protection requirements,, if selling online is your thing, for low cost calls anywhere, and for legal documents

* These applications we have used and find easy and productive.