The I of the Storm

On sale today!

We are thrilled to announce that The I of the Storm goes on sale today!

From the back cover:

Are you now finding the reality of teaching unsatisfying?
Has it become an exhausting way of life, no longer fulfilling your ideals?
Do you want a way out, but dont know where to start?
A staggering 80% of teachers are currently thinking about leaving (NEU survey 2018), so if youre considering it you are in the majority.
Do you sense other spheres for your ability to inspire and communicate?
Unfortunately, the reason that many who want to leave do not actually, and end up under ever-increasing pressure with untenable demands on their time, is that they dont have a robust road map out, and that is exactly what this book provides.
Murray Morison taught for 20 years. Since leaving, he has enjoyed the freedom and financial success of running his own businesses. He now brings the passion he had for teaching his students to helping other teachers navigate the path to entrepreneurial success.

We are launching the I of the Storm today!

Here is what one of the UK’s  leading social media marketers has to say about the book:

So, help us hit the best seller lists.

Buy your digital copy today for just £0.99

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