How do you have a book without having a book?

The excitement of seeing the cover of the book you have written comes long before the book is printed. What if you want publicity material that includes pictures of the book on display, or even better, people reading your book?

Or maybe you have produced a report in your field, and wish to offer it as a free gift for those who might then sign up for some emails from you. How do you make it look impressive?

This is where some rather neat software comes in.

Our book, The I of the Storm, is due for digital publication on the 25th March, with the physical copy being available “at all good on line retailers” a week later. Our publicist has now produced the art work for the front cover, spine and back cover. Here is what it looks like:

And here is what the book looks like!

To get from the one to the other, you can use

It’s not free, but it is very versatile. You can buy a one month’s subscription and do unlimited pictures. These are stored online for you.

That’s how you have a book without having a book

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