The Egg Diagram

What is the source of inspiration?

Do you have a map or a model that really works for you? A way of understanding the world?

I was fortunate to discover a brilliant model when training in psychotherapy, back in the day. Most people are familiar with Freud and his idea of the unconscious. Slightly fewer people are aware of the work of Jung and his concept of the collective unconscious. Very few know of the genius of the Italian Psychotherapist, who was a contemporary of both Freud and Jung, Alberto Assagioli.
The map he developed is called the Egg Diagram. It is simple and powerful. It provides the answer to where does inspiration come from.

I have included my version of this map in The I of the Storm, due to be published on March 25th. I love that it demonstrates there is a higher or super-conscious, as well as a sub-conscious. Both play a part in our decision making – and that is true whether you ‘believe’ in it or not.

Dorothy and I developed our company, Personal Aspirations in part because the very name evokes the idea of a higher awareness, which is the origin of our aspirations as well as our inspirations. In our work with teachers, we encourage becoming atoned to these higher nudges, which arise as impulses, synchronicities, flashes of insight or literally as pictures in our minds-eye.

As with NLP and other powerful practical techniques, it is important to be able to take the position of the ‘I’, at the centre of the ‘egg of consciousness’. The ‘I’ has no agenda, but when we observe and choose from that point, then our choices tend to be the best available.

This is the ‘I’ in the centre of the storm.

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