For both my novels and for The I of the Storm, being published this month, I wanted illustrations. This has been made all the easier with digital publication. No longer do you have to worry about full colour, half tone or other such issues, with special paper and the multiple printing involved (my dad was a book illustrator amongst other things and these quandaries have stuck in my memory).

In fact, with digital books, it is even possible to have video links! I’ve not gone that far, but did find an illustrator who proved very good.

Dorothy and I used our VA to do a search on She shortlisted five and we chose a student based in Italy. She has proved excellent with really comprehensive graphical skills. She produced illustrations in colour as well as it black and white.

I am exploring if she can provide ink illustrations for my next novel, The Man Who Knew Everything, coming out later this year.

I am happy to give the details of who we used if anyone wants to get int touch with me. the costs were incredibly reasonable.

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