Setting a price

So how much should I charge for a distillation of my professional life? Not an easy question.

The I of the Storm will be published in digital version on March 25th and then will be available as a physical book a week later.

My publisher asked if I wanted the price printed on the back, and if so what amount should be put. After all, she opined, “think of all the life-changing value they are getting”!

And, it’s true. Ideas, processes and insights gained over decades are, in a way, priceless. The central part of the book contains many incredibly valuable techniques and ideas that I used with clients over a period of 15 years.

So, we settled on £12.99! A bit more than £10 and just less than the queasy £13.

It’s all a bit notional, as with Amazon, I will be able to do offers when I choose to.

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