Do you feel stuck in your teaching post?

Employee stress and burn out can account for a lot of dissatisfaction in your life.  After all, you are at work some 8 hours a day or more.  (Usually more, if you count marking and report filling!) That’s 1/3 of your day if you don’t count sleep.  That’s a long time to be dissatisfied.

If you feel stuck, here are 4 great ways to find your ideal next move

  1.   Brainstorm on a sheet of paper – It’s a valuable strategy I use all the time.  Take a pad of paper and write down at the top your objective in question form.  Then, simply list out 20 answers to your question.  For example, you could write “What should I be doing with my time and life?”  Then stay seated for a half hour to an hour coming up with answers to that question.  The key to this exercise is coming up with 20 answers – don’t quit until you have 20 answers.  You can repeat every day until you the answer emerges that raises your pulse!  
  2.   Ask 3 close friends – Sometimes our friends know us better than ourselves.  While meeting with one of your friends, mention you are at a crossroads in your life and career.  Ask what they think you’d enjoy doing.  You might be surprised at how easily they can zero in to your strengths and abilities and report a perfect job area.
  3. Take a career assessment test – There are several sites on the Internet where you can take tests for free and get general results. At Personal Aspirations we can point you in the direction of a couple of good ones!  These tests provide some really interesting insights into what may work really well for you. It lubricates your thinking!
  4. Keep a journal – Do you keep a journal?  If so, read through, looking for common threads in your writing.  Keep your eyes peeled for trends and activities you like as well as don’t like.  In fact, finding examples of what you don’t like and what frustrates you is almost as important as finding what you do like.  For example, if you hate an overwhelming boss, you’d probably like a self-directed position.  If you hate nosy coworkers you’d probably prefer your own office.  If you don’t keep a journal and you are serious about looking at alternatives to teaching, then now would be a good time to nip down to W H Smith’s or similar, and start by buying a suitable notebook!


Discovering what you really want to do with your life is the most important decision you can make.  We spend 1/3 or more of our lives at work.  So figuring out the right career is important to keeping that 1/3 of our lives happy and productive.


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