How do you think about yourself?

I used to ask older students, in my Psychology classes, the famous question (for Social Psychologists), “Who Am I?” You ask the question a number of times and give the instruction, “write down the first words that occur to you and move on. Don’t censor.”

Then it is possible to see where in the list – of say 20 answers – comes your status (student or teacher), gender, family position, and so forth. When directed to people in work, often the work role is first or second.

Do we, as teachers, ever think of ourselves as entrepreneurs?

Perhaps it really is important for an employee to think like an entrepreneur. This way, you program yourself to think out of the box. You will do more than an ordinary employee do. You will always do your best and be outstanding.

Recently I have come across a concept on earning £10,000 in one hour. Don’t be misunderstand, this is not to teach you how to earn £10,000 in an hour (I wish I could!). Rather this is a concept that we should adopt deep inside our mind. You see, normally we have the mindset of fixed salary, simply because this is how we get our pay. We are paid monthly at a fixed rate.

This has made our mindset fixed to what we get. For instance if we get take home pay of £2,500 per month, we are programmed to believe that what we do only worth that amount. It is our value to our school or college. We like to get the pay regularly because we need the money to pay our bills. We are bound to the sense of security here because we get stable income that enable us to live comfortably.

However this creates a problem where we totally neglect the possibility of earning more than that. We cannot believe that we are able to earn £10,000 per month, or £30,000. 

Dorothy and I know a colleague who earned about £36,000 over one three day ‘boot camp’ with her business coaching clients.

It’s a good strategy both to have a job and at the same time try to look for opportunities and ideas that can generate big income. The point is not to limit ourselves at the level of salary that we are getting now. Currently, our fixed salary is an income covering our daily expenses. At the same time, keep ourselves open to the opportunities or ideas that can make us wealthy and free.

While we  enjoy our  regular income let’s also hold the distinct possibility of earning a whole lot more while doing a whole lot less.

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