Can the mind leave the body? If so, what are the implications? Would the military explore these possibilities?

In 1983 the cornerstone BBC science program did a programme called The Case of ESP. The current writer used it later with his psychology students to raise questions about the nature of the mind.

Although Horizon presented many aspects of Extra Sensory Perception in considerable detail, much space was given to the total sceptics who affirmed that phenomena like Remote Viewing and remote control of physical objects was simply impossible. No real evidence existed they argued, and where there was so called evidence, it was simply fraudulent.
The programme is still available via YouTube, and remains of great interest even today.
Here is the original episode, uncut. It is still well worth watching.
This sceptical position was the accepted ‘scientific view’ of the time. It is the accepted view now. Science does not allow that the mind and body are separate. If you believe in this separation you are a dreamer, and as Rupert Sheldrake discovered, your career in mainstream science is ruined.
The idea that the alphabet agencies were  doing Remote Viewing or similar in the 1980’s or later in the 1990’s, was vigorously denied. Anyone seriously suggesting extra sensory perception was feasible and being used by the military would be considered a crank at best or a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if they made too much of it.

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